Adding a Video to a Tour?

I would like to add a video I’ve created for my tour as a slide. Is there currently a way to do this?


Hey Erin,

There is not native video playback in WWT in either the Windows or web versions at this point. Probably the most effective way would be to hyperlink (either text or a picture) to youtube to stream it in a separate window. Once text or a picture is added to a slide, you can right click the text box / image and hyperlink should be one of the options.

Clicking the hyperlink within the tour should pause the tour while the video is playing elsewhere and then when you navigate back to WWT, just press the spacebar to resume tour playback.

Let me know if this helps and/or you have other questions!

Yes, I agree with David that a hyperlink is the best way to go.

Unless WWT has been changed recently, though, I don’t think that the tour will automatically pause for the video. What we usually do is make the slide duration longer than the length of the video. Then you can add a “button” (text overlaid on a rectangle shape) that says something like “Click here when done” and link the shape and text to the next slide. If you have questions about how to do this, let us know!


Awesome, thank you both so much! I will definitely be using a hyperlink in my tour.

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What we do is use the hyperlink like @astrodavid mentioned and you can set the starting point within the link. In youtube the syntax is: where t=1929 is the number of seconds into the video to start. As soon as the youtube window pops up on your main monitor, quickly hit the picture-in-picture button and it will pop out the video to a window with no borders. (You’ll have to have previously positioned your PiP where you want it on your dome.) Then when you want to remove the PiP window without using the mouse hit Alt-F4.

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