Announcing: Sky Banana Party, a LIGO+WWT mashup

For the AAS233 Hack Together Day, I looked into making a small web app aiming to show LIGO events in a WWT viewer. The vision is that one day the events will appear automatically as they come in, but of course LIGO isn’t running right now, so I worked on ingesting the current database of events.

There were all sorts of problems ingesting the LIGO data so I made very little progress on the actual day of. But I now have a tiny web app that draws error bananas on the sky! In the name of cheap domain registration, it is called:

edit: note that, sadly, the site won’t work over SSL, due to the well-known CORS problems we currently have.

One of my hopes is that it can show how to make a very simple, interactive, web-based, all-sky astronomical data viz tool using WWT. Here’s the code:

It’s very dumb right now, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to keep on adding polish and gradually turn this into something that isn’t totally stupid. Follow the repo and check back if you’re intrigued!

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This is so cool!! There is a bunch of potential here!

I added the first bit of code that gives the thing a real-time flavor:

Code here.

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