Changing the blue horizon line into an actual lanscape


I’m exploring the sky view in order to make some tours and I can’t find any way to setup an horizon that actually looks like an Earth lanscape instead of that blue area. Is there a way to have a nice looking horizon or am I stuck with this blue zone?


I think that you are probably stuck with the blue horizon unless you find a picture that you can overlay as a horizon that works well for you. Overlay meaning hide the blue, not replace it.

I might suggest that you use the the “View from your location” to figure out where things need to be and then uncheck “View from your location” and position the sky where it should be for use in tours - this will help you to have easiest panning/zooming if that is involved.

Are you using the webclient or the Windows desktop client? If the former, that is correct that there is no way to set up a horizon without doing something like @astrodavid suggests. If you are using the desktop client, it is possible to include a realistic landscape. See this (video’ized) tour we made as an example. If something like that would be of interest, I can explain how we did this. Good luck!

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@patudom I’m excited to see! (but can’t get the link to work)

Oh, that’s not good! What happens when you click on the link? It works for me…

It says that I am missing the user token - is it a private video?

Ok, nevermind. I sent you a link created by my browser that is not actually the link we posted in our curriculum materials. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Does this work for you?

That works!

And I’m glad you brought this up - I was only thinking sky mode and not using SS mode to set up a ref frame on the earth in the desired location!

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Yes, it was a bit complicated to put together, but I think worth the extra effort. We ended up using this mode because we needed to be able to show daylight when the sun is up, which the sky view with the horizon does not currently do.

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Hello @astrodavid and @patudom. My apologies for not writing back sooner; I have been too busy to work on this until today. I want to thank you both for your helpful advice.

@patudom : I always use the Windows client app as it offers more features than the web version. I have looked at your excellent video and it is exactly what I am looking for. Not only does it have a nice landscape view, but it also shows daylight, which was also something I found was lacking to make my tours realistic. I used Stellarium with the exact same dates and times as my WWT tours, but I would much prefer to have everything in one place with a consistent interface look.

I am very interested to know how you’ve set all this up in WWT, if you have time to spare to explain it to me. If not, at least I know it can be done and I will try to figure it out.

Thank you for the friendly help, both of you. It is greatly appreciated.

@Stephane Sorry for the slow response now on my part - I was away on a much needed vacation.

If you have not already figured it out, you can go to the Earth in Solar System mode and navigate to the location of interest (or you can also use the “Find Earth Based Location…” pull down button under “Search” while in SS mode). Once you are where you want to view the sky from, right click on “Earth” in the layer manager and click “New Reference Frame” → Pick a name and make sure the “Offset Type” is “FixedSpherical” → the next menu can be left alone → the final menu click “Get From View” to use the Lat/Lon/Alt of your location on the Earth. The new ref frame will be a child of the Earth in the layer manager → right click and select “Track this Frame” to go the location of interest and advancing time will change the view of the sky.

Tweak the altitude value and your zoom/positioning relative to the tracked ref frame to find the best elevation for viewing from the selected location.

I hope this is helpful!

If you track the created ref frame and everything is black, zoom out - maybe you are inside of the Earth.

Hello @astrodavid. Thanks for the reply. No need to apologize for anything. I hold no expectations towards you or anyone else in this forum. I only appreciate any advice anyone is willing to give. I hope you managed to enjoy your vacation and that it was refreshing.

I have not had a chance to try figuring this out so far as I have other more pressing projects at the moment and this was not an essential aspect of my work as of yet. When I get the chance, I will definitely try the steps you suggested and I will let you know how it turns out.

Thank you, once again, for your kind help.

Have a great day and a peaceful return to your normal routine…

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