Earth View, Cities in 3D

Hi, we use Worldwide Telescope in mobile planetariums, and “flying” over cities in the Dome is pretty cool.
But only if the buildings are displayed in 3D.
For us, only our hometown Kiel, Germany is ever displayed in 3D, even New York City can only be seen in 2D.
Does anyone know a solution for this?
Thanks, Juergen

…we have tested it with different computers, and in different networks.
Everywhere the same behavior, only our hometown, and landscapes, such as the Himalayas are displayed in 3D.
How is it with you, does WWT behave exactly the same, or do you see larger cities in 3D?
I look forward to your answers and suggestions!

Can anyone confirm to me that this is a normal behavior of WWT to show only the hometown in 3D?
Thanks a lot!

I apologize for the delayed answer… 3D cities in WWT are based on the available 3D data in Bing maps so only select cities can be explored in 3D.

You can try out Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, and Greenville, SC all in the USA.

I definitely agree that flying over 3D cities looks great on a dome (and also VR if you haven’t tried it) - so you are lucky that your hometown made the list!

Also I just flew over Kiel to check it out and it looks beautiful!

Hi David,
thanks for the answer, now I know where I stand!
How does Microsoft choose Kiel before New York City, but of course I’m happy about it.
For us it’s a bit of a shame that not all major cities in Germany / Europe are available in 3D, with our mobile domes we are in several cities and it would be great to let visitors fly over their hometown.
After all, the data is available, in the Microsoft flight simulator you can enjoy New York in 3D.
Perhaps it will also be released for WWT at some point.
Is your list of cities that are available in 3D actually complete, or is there a document about it on the net?
Many greetings from Kiel!