Issue with Adding User-defined Orbits in WWT

Hi Everyone!

I have a quick question about adding orbits to WWT through TLEs. I am currently trying to understand how to import planet orbits with TLEs, and I am experimenting with 1 Ceres for now. I want to import other planets in the future.

I calculated Ceres’ TLE and imported it into WWT with user-defined orbits. I also added Ceres’ orbital line that WWT already had through the Minor Planet Center. For both of these, I set the objects to orbit the Sun.

The problem now is that the TLE I imported matches everything in WWT’s except for the semi-major axis – I am off by around a scale of 100 (the number I have is 100x smaller than WWT’s). I do not know why the semi-major axis is off when everything else perfectly matches.

Attached is a photo of what I am seeing.

Any suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated.