Merging Facebook pages

I believe that there are currently three pages about WWT on Facebook:

Facebook lets you “merge” multiple pages and I think it would be worthwhile to do so!

The way the merger works is that one page inherits all of the followers and likes of another page, and the other page is deleted.

The “WorldWide Telescope” page has had the most active maintenance from Phil, so I think we should merge the other two into it. I don’t know how much overlap there is between the two, but we should hit 5000 if not 6000 followers in one fell swoop!

After the merger, I’d like to rename the page to “AAS WorldWide Telescope”, but all of that polish is second-order compared to the primary question of whether the pages should be merged.

Any opinions about this? I’ve secured admin access to all of these pages so I believe that I am equipped to execute the merger if folks feel that this is the way to proceed.

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I am fully on board with it - I’m not sure why it hasn’t been done in the past, but no time like the present!

I also support this idea.

To follow up — holy cow, this is much more of a pain than I thought! You can’t merge pages unless an algorithm thinks that their names are sufficiently similar, and renaming pages turns out to be quite challenging too. Working on it …

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