Midi-controlled kiosk

I’m setting up a WWT kiosk for an astronomy exhibition. The idea is for the public to be able to explore the solar system through a midi-interface. I also want to be able to switch between SolarSystemMode and SandboxMode. However, when I do, I would like to return to the previous camera location when I return to SolarSystemMode. Is there a way to do this, or am I stuck returning to 160 au from the sun?

Also, ideally I would like to have a few bindings that are not currently in the list of midi bindings. It it possible to create new ones, or is that buried to deep that I would be able to do something about that myself? The bindings I would like are some of the larger moons in the solar system.

Hey @Fredrik - I hope you are doing well!

Glad to hear that you are setting up a WWT kiosk. Great questions, let me dig a little bit to see if I can get you some answers.

@Fredrik one thought I’ve had that could require some more work but might offer more customization options depending on what you are attempting is to create a web app using the WWT render engine. Here’s an example of a Pluto explorer: AAS WorldWide Telescope

This would unfortunately not allow for use of sandbox mode - what are you using it to show?