Modifying star intensity

Hello, I am working on some tours about the Moon and I find that some stars are shown so bright and large that they compete with the moon in size and could almost be confused as our Sun.

I’ve looked through all the menus and key binding options and could not find any option to dim the intensity of stars in the background. Is there any way of doing this that I might have missed?


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Hmmmm… the only thing that I know of is a way to adjust background gamma using CTRL, SHIFT, ALT and a left click drag up or down. I am either terrible at using it due to its sensitivity, or it isn’t very effective.

Let me know if it works for you.

@pkgw is there anyway to hack the SS mode background to be a different stellar/MW dataset in Windows?

Thanks @astrodavid. That option works somewhat well… in Sky mode. I forgot to mention that I am in 3d Solar system mode, for which the gamma option does not work unfortunately.

It was letting me do it in SS mode also… but again, not very effectively

Hmmm… It definitely doesn’t do anything for me is SS mode. The change is obvious in sky mode, but no observable change is SS mode for me. Strange… What is different in my setup I wonder…

That is definitely strange… I am able to adjust the gamma in SS mode (Windows) on multiple installs.

I’ll try to experiment with my display settings to see if it changes anything. Thanks for all the effort you’ve put in testing and trying to solve this issue. It’s above and beyond my expectations. :slight_smile:

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