Naming for NOOBs

I am looking for an official name for the a star located in Delphinus.

I was hoping to find the name and then any and all data on this star. I don’t know how to translate these coordinates into some other format that can then lead me to an atlas and deeper information.

Can someone please help?

If you copy the RA and Dec from the link that you provided into the WWT web client RA/Dec search, it will slew you to the exact location: AAS WorldWide Telescope — Web Client

Change your imagery to PanSTARRS1 3pi to get more accurate astrometry at that location. If you right click where the crosshairs are located, you will come up eta delphini which is close but not the exact coordinates. You can select research → information and learn more on something like Simbad: Eta Delphini

Is this a star that you named? Generally those are extremely dim and likely won’t be in the WWT named stars catalogue.

I hope this helps.