Please enable finder scope in views of SDSS (and update SDSS data too)

Can we please turn on the Finder Scope (fully) in “Solar System” mode? We wanted to show a zoom to a particular galaxy, as is possible in the Win version, but the Finder Scope isn’t even visible… help?
(Also, SDSS is v7, and current version is at least 15!)

This is a feature parity issue in the Web Client. Searching in the Desktop version happens on a background thread. JavaScript does not allow threads, so searching a million galaxies on mouse hover can freeze the client UI. We will have to figure out a better way to do this in the web client, but that is the issue for now.

So the updated SDSS request brings up an interesting question/challenge.

The current SDSS has a lot of processing (most notably the removal of the finger-of-god velocity distortions, and how galaxies are types using Galaxy Zoo classifications) which make it look really nice.

It would be easy to add SDSS 15 (and other galaxy surveys) as layers. But I think we would want to keep this too (maybe as a default layer).