Possible Bug in Sky Mode (Windows Client

I’m posting here as opposed to github because I haven’t yet been able to replicate this intentionally, hence the vagueness of language.

I have managed to turn off the entire background sky sans planets in sky mode a couple times to where switching imagery or modes allows the user to see something new, but reverting back to the original imagery (both SDSS and USNOB have goofed for me) remains black until WWT is closed and reopened. This had something to do with adding astro images as layers, but again, I have yet to reproduce it on purpose. This occurred in both dome and normal flat mode. I’ll try later this week to reproduce it when I have more time (do we have a goal for a release date yet?). Thoughts?

Any word on this David?

I’ll try to reproduce again with the latest build… Running a workshop at SEPA today and that always tends to bring out the “best” bugs.