Rendering Full Dome Tours to Videos

I am having some trouble finding the files of my WWT tours once I render them. I have been following the tutorial on the WWT Tour Authoring Guide, but no luck! It works just fine for a flat screen video and I am able to find all the png files exactly where I saved them, but with rendering full dome videos, I cannot find the files at all. I searched the entire computer and they don’t seem to be anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks!

Have you made sure that you are in fulldome mode? When exporting a tour I recommend

  1. playing a tour all the way through / make sure all content is fully loaded
  2. detach the screen to a second monitor
  3. make sure scaling on Windows is at 100% (or you won’t get full resolution)
  4. if exporting for dome use, toggle dome mode in the appropriate configuration (fisheye or mirror)
  5. make sure “Wait for all downloads” is checked in the render menu
  6. render at 60+ fps (WWT has a tendency to drop a frame or 2 per second and you may want to use a video sequencing software to change the framerate to 60 fps after frames are dropped or bad frames are discarded)
  7. leave a buffer of a few seconds on the front and back end of the tour
  8. if timing to audio / music, make the fine adjustments after the tour is rendered

I hope this helps!

Yes after much trial and error I got it to work! I’ve been checking the Dome Master box, but when I left it unchecked, everything rendered just fine and the png files were exactly where I saved them! Thanks so much!

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