Researcher Workshop: WWT @ Petabytes to Science 3 (Boston, USA; 2019 Nov 8)

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If you’ll be attending the Petabytes to Science 3 Workshop in Boston in early November, you’re cordially invited to participate in a WWT tutorial! It’s entitled Data visualization with AAS WorldWide Telescope, and here’s the abstract:

In the petabyte era, typical data files won’t fit into memory and remote access will be the norm. Most current scientific visualization tools are not designed to operate in this area of parameter space, so new tools and techniques are needed. The AAS WorldWide Telescope is one such tool, designed for the upcoming age of web-native data visualization. Participants in the tutorial will learn how WWT works and use its example as a starting point for a broader investigation of how data visualization might work in the petabyte era. Our project has set up a cloud-based system (a custom BinderHub instance) so that people can explore the WWT visualization engine inside a JupyterLab Python environment without having to install anything locally, or even register for a user account.

The workshop is also known as “Tutorial 2a” and will take place on Friday (the 8th) from 9:15am to 10:00am. No special registration is required, but the tutorials are only open to conference participants.

This event is going to be pretty lightweight, but materials will be posted below. Feel free to ask questions, whether you plan to attend or not!

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Requirements for tutorial participants

Requirements for this tutorial are light:

  • A laptop with internet connection
  • Your laptop charger! WWT is a realtime rendering engine, so it will get your CPU fans going
  • The Chrome browser is recommended but not strictly required. Firefox works well.

Familiarity with Python and Jupyter are assumed.

Day-of-tutorial resources

The most important thing is the cloud notebook. Today only, it is accessible at the URL

You might also want to take a look at our sample very-high-resolution image display. Today only, it is accessible at the URL

That’s it! Thanks to the Binder setup, all you need to do is click the links.