Science Never Stops - WWT Tutorials

As part of an “at home education” initiative at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, I am releasing a few WWT tutorials for those just getting acquainted with WWT.

The first is about using the Sky Mode:

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Part 2 about Solar System Mode:


Part 3, an intro to creating tours:

Once again, enjoy!

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Great tutorial - thanks for posting, David! I hope the next one you make will be about the timeline features. I’d love to learn how to have the planetary orbits and constellation overlays fade in and out.

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Thanks so much - I’ll try to crank another out soon!

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by toggle asteroids checkbox on we can see ten thousands of asteroids in software. I was wondering that they are just sample of their regions or they represent real i import an upcoming numbered asteroid (52768) 1998 OR2 in Layer toggling it on and off it was not compatible with any of objects but there is an asteroid in front of it that i am suspected that it must be 1998 OR2

The asteroids that can be toggled are real objects that are calculated from the Minor Planet Center database. There is an option under settings to download the latest MPC data - had you downloaded it recently?

Thank You, after update of that advance option they are matched now.may an update like this is needed for Planets too.Coordinate of Neptune in stellarium and is the same and can be confirm by Astrophotography
Coordinate of Neptune on 2020-03-30 00:00 UTC
WWT: Ra 23 21 52 Dec -05:13:01
Stellarium: Ra 23 20 52 Dec -05:19:17
may it looks just few arcmins difference in Declination but for Neptune it takes about one week to pass that distance

Thanks for tutorials specially making tour.Simulator shows that on 2020-04-17 an asteroid would have a close approach to 1998 was hard to identify it (cause they have no Label) but finally I could identify it as 1994 asteroid that haven’t seen for 26 years but recovered in recent days.i made a clip about this safe close approach and it’s the wwt was good if we could export clips as video formats cause render to vidoe gives hundred images

Thanks David. The tutorials were very helpful. I second Furrypix’s request for a Timeline tutorial.


Alrighty well this is not a very detailed tutorial, but it does give a quick intro into keyframing:

A better tutorial will be made soon but I hope this helps a bit for now :slight_smile:

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