Sneak preview: embed WWT in the forum (and other webpages)

Hi all,

I wanted to show off a new WWT web feature that I’ve been working on. Now that we support HTTPS, I’ve been fleshing out our ability to embed WWT in webpages, in the same way that you can embed YouTube videos and other such things. Here’s an example — click and drag to explore Mars!

I created this using a (beta-quality) Embed Creator tool that I’ve been working on:

This app lets you choose what you want to show, and then shows you the HTML code you need to copy/paste to create your embed. The code that I used above is:

<iframe class="wwt-embed" src="" width=690 height=390>
  <p>Cannot display WorldWide Telescope because your browser does not support iframes.</p>

NB: I had to customize the width/height settings to work well here on our Discourse forum.

Code here:

inside the embed* subdirectories.

There’s still a lot of work to make this really useful, but if you’re web-savvy and inspired by this example, I hope you’ll start playing around!


OK, I’m having fun with these. Here’s one in the image-showcase mode:

This is displaying this AstroPix image.


This looks so great! Super excited for the various applications of it…

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This looks so cool!!! Well done, Peter!

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