Tracking object

I have a few questions about the capabilities of the application, and I’m not really sure who to reach out to for answers. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to lock on to or track an object while in Sky view? Like if I want to follow the sun as time progresses, can I keep it as the focus of my screen?

I’ve checked it and it is possible.go to Sky view then in Search bar type object name and choose it for example Sun.then in View menu you can move forward or backward e.g. at 1000x or more and it would be lock on object.may it helps otherwise WWT Team can guide more.

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Hey @jmejerome, welcome to the WWT forum - definitely a good place to ask your questions! And thank you @Babak_Rm for the answer, I’d agree that using Search is the best way to lock onto something in the Sky mode (whether the local horizon is activated or not using “view from this location”). This isn’t something I often try, so I played with a few options and this was the only thing that I came up with.

Simple enough, thanks.

We were also trying to view objects in the sky within 3d solar system mode too, but that might be impossible. In that case, we are already tracking a reference frame anchored to the location on Earth we are viewing the sky from, so selecting another object to track may simply break us away from the Earth and zoom back out into space.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

At the simplest level, looking at rise/set times for objects but also having the pretty image layering of the Earth versus just a blue bar for the horizon. Using sky view is fine for this.

Going a step further, we were looking into whether or not we could view our own objects and where they appear in the sky while we are tracking a reference frame anchored to Earth: e.g., we make Halley’s comet as an orbit reference frame that we can see when we zoom around 3d solar system view, but when we track a reference frame on a location of the Earth, we cannot seem to easily find our user-added object on the sky.

Great, thanks for the help!

You’re right,Minor planets and comet’s except Pluto often can’t be find via search bar.may toggle “Show as point at distance” and “Show Orbit Paths” Checkboxs help when they are added as Reference Frame and in Sky View sometimes needs to toggle them on and off to be find by Blinking


Hi Aaron, Are you using the web client or desktop client? And is the plan to build these views into a tour?