Tracking objects in web client

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to track an object in Sky mode on the web client as I do in the Windows version, but to my surprise, it does not seem to work in the web version. Am I missing something or is this a functionality that is not implemented in that version?

Also, when I use “View from this location”, there is no horizon line like in the Windows client.

Thanks in advance…

Can you elaborate? Do you mean track a reference frame (SS mode?) or are you watching something change its position in the sky (Sky mode) relative to the background stars (like a comet?) or is this something completely different?

The web client does not have the same horizon line as the Windows client.

Hello again @astrodavid and thanks once more for the friendly help.

I am simply trying to track the moon in sky mode as I have done many times in the Windows version simply by doing a search for the moon and double-clicking on it. In both versions, it takes me to a close-up view of the Moon, but while in the Windows version it then tracks the Moon with the “view from this location” option checked, in the web browser it does not.

I hope I’m explaining more clearly this time, but if not, let me know so I can try to clarify some more.

Thanks again David.