Two projectors - single computer - video card two output channels

Hi folks,

I am trying to figure out how to use WWT on an 8m dome with 2 1280x1024 projectors who share a single fish eye lens in the center of the dome.

I read the WWT tutorial on multi channel setup back and forth. I see no option to do this on a single computer. Do I really need a server computer and one client machine for each projector? Seems like an overkill in my case. I guess I could install two virtual machines on my computer, it sounds silly though.

I really like the whole WWT idea, so if there is any way to do it I would appreciate a pointer on how to get started.



@ankanaan WWT is unfortunately not yet set up to accommodate a dual channel fulldome system. It can currently handle a single fisheye projector, mirror warping, or 5+ multi channel systems. Dual channel support is something that we’d like to support in the future, but there is not under current development.

As a backup alternative, if you have a system that can grab an output from a single monitor and “stream” it to your two projectors, you could set it up that way with a fisheye view on a 4k x 2k monitor to allow you ample resolution for your system.

I’m happy to brainstorm ideas.

hi David,

thanks for your message. Is the streamer you refer to similar to this:?

this sounds like a good way to go.

Now, if I use this, would I am afraid I would not be able to use wwt projector alignment capabilities. Is that right?

How much programming do you think would be involved to add dual channel support for wwt? A computer sciences students approached me last week asking for possible projects - I am in a physics department.



Antônio - let’s set up a time to chat via zoom/other to discuss further - you can DM me.

hi David,

sorry I was away from reality for a few days. It would be great to chat.

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