Upload tour to web version?

Is it possible to upload a tour (.wtt) to use on the web version of WWT?

Most definitely! Though with a few caveats… Foremost is that the timeline from the Windows client is not yet supported on the web.

Are you having any difficulty?

If you have the .wtt tour file hosted at a URL, you can generate a link that launches WWT and runs that tour file. There used to be a widget on the WWT website that generated the link for you, but I can’t find it now. @pkgw do you know where it lives now?

As an example, this link goes to a 1-slide tour we made for a Seasons curriculum. You can probably try replacing the tourUrl="" value with the url for your tour as a first pass.

If your tour doesn’t need to be at a public link, you can launch the web client, go to Explore -> Open -> enter the tour URL or browse for the file on your computer.

But yes, as @astrodavid says, there are some tour-authoring features from the desktop client that won’t run properly in the web client yet.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I think I (finally) got it figured out!

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