Who can tell me what this strange thing is?!

I have found a strange thing in the space.
It looks like a big spider UFO :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
I have no idea what is it.
Who can solve my problem please?

The address is here:

The “Spider UFO” is right blow the 1E 0657-56.

I have clip some pictures:

I’m a 10 years old boy lives in China.
Thank you all!

Previously i read that they are Space motherships but this is WWT explanation:

This is simply a satilite if you look closly you can see the man made wires conecting to a square shaped object.The disk looks transparent in a way because if you think of all the telescopes being links and our 3d view of the sky. That’s merly man made space junk. Look farther away and very north and there are some puzzling images I have been viewing for years.

A picture speaks a thousand words, they say… As soon as I figure out how to upload images, I will. Because I would love to hear what you think.