WWT Downloadable Assets

I am often the recipient of questions about whether WWT can do this, or if WWT has that, which leads to either sharing a link to something that already exists, or making something on the stop to share. Inevitably this often leads me down the rabbit hole of sharing a variety of links if the original questioner would like to pick and choose assets… so, I figure it would be good to compile them in one place. I will add to this as more are produced, and it certainly will not be an exhaustive repository, but should be a good place to look if you want assets to explore/share with WWT that I am willing to vouch for. Please give me any feedback about these assets or desired future releases.

TL;DR: Happy exploring additional WWT assets!

Gaia DR2 All Sky: https://bit.ly/wwt-GaiaDR2Pack
Hubble Space Telescope 30th Anniversary Highlights: https://bit.ly/wwt-hst30pack

Layers (that work best in the Windows client)
Phobos and Deimos (Moons of Mars): https://bit.ly/wwt-marsmoons
Saturn, Saturn’s moons, Cassini, various moon textures: https://bit.ly/WWT-SaturnPackLayers
Pluto, Charon, New Horizons: https://bit.ly/WWT-PlutoPackLayers