WWT Kinect Control

Hi everyone!
So, this is an extremely specific ask, but I’ve been poking around online and can’t seem to make any headway.
Essentially, I’m interested in controlling WWT with a Microsoft Kinect. I have really distinct memories of using the Kinect and WWT in tandem at the Adler Planetarium when I was younger. It was a little bit of a pain, but it was fun. In my research, I’ve seen demos online for what looks to be the exact system that was in use, but I can’t find the code online. Is it out there somewhere?

I found https://github.com/WorldWideTelescope/wwt-kinect-swing-control , but from what I can tell, this is an entirely different thing developed for an art installation.

Thanks for any help you can provide! I’m hoping I can relive some old memories! I mean, worst case scenario, maybe I’ll end up working with the SDK myself. WWT is an awesome project, thank you for everything you all do!

@eggz thank you for your excitement - I am curious about it as well, now that you bring it up!

@msubbarao can you help?

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I think we will need @astrojonathan to reply to this. The WWT Kinect Control that we use in SVL used to be on the WWT GitHub page, but is no longer there (I assume there is a good reason for this).

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