WWT Remote Command

My question is about WWT Remote’s send command feature. I have been unable to find documentation on it. I know it can runs single word commands such as “getmac” and “powershell.exe” and that it runs in the WWT Remote program folder, but I have not been able to figure out how to pass parameters along with the command. Is there an escape character or other way to pass parameters to a command in that dialog box? Or does anyone know how WWT Remote is sending these commands?

This is my first time posting here, and I have to say this looks like a wonderful forum. I manage a multi-projector planetarium at Central Washington University using WWT which I set up in 2016. I’ve had a few long time questions like this but never knew where to ask them till now.

Addison, welcome to the WWT forum! I had a visit at your facility back in the fall of 2017, I believe, and it was an impressive set up!

I’m thinking this is probably a question for @astrojonathan or @pkgw as I am fairly inexperienced sending commands through the WWT Remote.