WWT ThinkSpace Seasons Lab

Are you looking for ways to help improve your students’ understanding of Seasons? Take a look at the WWT Ambassador’s NSF funded ThinkSpace Seasons Curriculum. You can ask questions and share ideas for implementing/adapting the curriculum in this thread.

Thanks Pat, that’s a super detailed set of materials!

I am looking for existing WWT Tours that will support general topics in Cosmology and the Big Bang.
Does anyone know how to access any of these

Ah, so sorry I missed this message earlier. I think I’ve already emailed with you separately, but posting here just in case:

  • Big Bang - these are more about large scale structure & the Hubble Law, but they do connect to the Big Bang
    • “John Huchra’s Universe” tour, available within WWT or here as a video.
    • Bucknell Lab about the Hubble Law.
  • CMB - John Kovac’s CMB group has put together a great suite of WWT-based resources about the CMB.