Can't find the moons of Saturn

And another question arose. My goal is to create a scripted tour of Saturn and its main moons. I watched Davids tutorial on creating tours and everything is fine, the planet looks great. But I can’t find its moons. In the lower panel I can see the galilean moons and other celestial bodies, but none of Saturns moons. And the search field doesn’t give me anything if I’m typing in Titan, Enceladus or whatever.

Any clues?

Thank you!

Haha for me Saturn looks too messy like can see name of Moons in layer manager and with toggle them on and off may you can find them. or right click on Titan(for example)>>Properties> then tick the checkbox “Show as point at distance”.then you can find them easier but to see them as a Moon i think you need to import them as 3d Model

@spacedome The context bar at the bottom of the screen (lower panel) will only offer fly to reference frames, of which WWT has the Sun, the 8 major planets, our moon, Pluto, and the Galilean moons. In order to visit other moons, like those of Saturn, you need to navigate to Saturn in the Layer manager (left panel, as shown in @Babak_Rm’s screenshot above), click the plus next to Saturn to open up its ref frame children (all the moons). If you have loaded up the Saturn Pack layers (Saturn Pack (September 2020)), you should be able to right click on the desired moon and select “track reference frame” - this will put you inside the moon and scrolling backward (or however you prefer to zoom out) will allow you to see the new texture maps.

After these steps, you can then add slides to a tour as you normally would and should be able to see the moons in the tour playback.


I’ve already tried this. After installing the Saturn Pack, I can right click on the moons names. There’s just the option ‘Track this frame’, no ‘reference frame’. After this, I zoom out and I can see the moon. But only once. As soon as a change the view and try to go back to the moon, there’s no moon anymore. And it only worked once with Titan and Mimas.

At the moment, it seems to work. It’s probably me. :wink:

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Now i install Saturn pack too and this is a wtt clip that i made for Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction.

Seriously, I think Saturn looks too messy. :slight_smile: