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Does WWT have the ability to display datasets like highlighting the locations of all known exoplanets, or when viewing a planet, showing mission landing sites?

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Both, you just need to get the data formatted correctly. Do you have data pulled that you are interested in?

I’m just starting out with this program, I wonder if you have suggestions for things such as exoplanets and Apollo sites? What format(s) are supported, or where can I read more about that? I’m comfortable writing programs to convert data if needed. Thank you.

I’ve had some success with exoplanets (from exoplanetarchive) and black holes (from a catalog called BlackCAT).

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I’d love to see what you’ve done if you would like to share! This week has been rather hectic, so I owe you a more verbose answer. In terms of 2D data as seen from the Earth (in Sky mode) you can create a VO Table and load it in under Explore -> Open -> VOTable or you use the pull down menu under Search -> VO Cone Search / Registry Lookup to find the data you are looking for and automatically import it (which will add it as a layer under 3D solar system).

@pkgw and @astrojonathan It seems that when viewed in Solar System mode distance defaults (and is stuck) at 1 AU (maybe similar to the constellations bug?)

Cool, thanks! So far, just basics. I was interested in having a dataset on hand to show which stars have exoplanets, for which I got a big votable from Exoplanet Archive (https://exoplanetarchive.ipac.caltech.edu/cgi-bin/TblView/nph-tblView?app=ExoTbls&config=planets)

Black holes were a little trickier, and Marc Horat helped me with the SIMBAD search to get that data:


This is black hole candidates, so not everything in the list is confirmed. There is a catalog on Vizier called BlackCAT that is smaller and is only confirmed ones.

I haven’t tracked down yet votable data for mission landing sites on the Moon and Mars, so if anybody here knows about that, tips welcome!

Here are the 57 confirmed black holes in the BlackCat catalog - this was pulled directly Search -> VO Cone Search / Registry Lookup and then I changed the parameters to be a Gaussian marker based on distance.

Black Holes.wwtl (33.5 KB)

I’m not sure if there are ready made VO Tables for that, but you can use the WWT excel plug-in if you have a very old version of excel.

More realistic: you can probably add a csv/txt file with appropriate coordinates including elevation to overlay on the moon/mars. I can try later.

Okay, that’s cool. I was confused by the VO Cone Search interface, but I just played around with it a bit and was able to see how you got that list.

I agree, it is a little overwhelming and definitely confusing. You can search for all available registries, search by a keyword, and filter by FOV (what is on the screen or specify your own values).

Here is an exoplanet example as well.

Exoplanets.wwtl (4.3 MB)

Nice! That helps a lot to see how the VO Cone Search works. David, if you were planning to do more video tutorials, this might be a good topic!

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Good to hear! Did you watch the Science Never Stops WWT Tutorials (Science Never Stops - WWT Tutorials)? If so is that style effective or do you have any feedback?

Yeah, those were helpful. I saw your presentation on DomeDialogs, and those tutorials helped solidify what I had learned there.

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